Monthly Archives: February 2011

Sunday Comics Lotus Flower

Lotus flower made from the Sunday comics

I have been experimenting with making lotus flowers out of a variety of different papers. Some papers have worked well, and some haven’t. I have found that I enjoy working with soft papers better than with hard ones.  Today I decided to make a lotus flower out of the Sunday comics. I was delighted with the result.

Now I need to collect Sunday comics for a number of months and make Snoopy lotus flowers and Garfield lotus flowers and Dilbert lotus flowers and the like. A new way to recycle the Sunday comics.

Custom Lotus Flower

Japanese papers were used to make this lotus flower

I made this lotus flower for a friend’s mother. The flower was made with two different Japanese papers. The color of the leaves were chosen to match one of the colors in one of the papers.

This was the first time I used print papers to make the lotus flowers. I have many ideas for the future. Please come back to visit my blog as I play with many different papers.

Valentine’s Day Lotus Flower

Valentine lotus flower for my parents

I made this light purple and peach lotus flower for my parents for Valentine’s Day. I have made 26 different two toned color combinations lotus flowers. I love experimenting with different combinations of colors.

This lotus flower has pale green leaves. I currently have five different greens that I use for the leaves.

Two Tone Lotus Flowers

Two tone lotus flower

I started making my lotus flowers red with green leaves. Well, with Valentine’s Day coming up it seemed like a good idea. Now I’m playing with two tone flowers. I went out and bought a dozen reams of different colors of papers and am having so much fun trying different combinations of colors. I know that my goal is to make a lotus flower a day, but most days I can’t stop at just one. The peace and serenity I feel when making them is so powerful. I hope the recipients of these lotus flowers feel it too.

Last week I started selling my lotus flowers in my studio and in the gallery at the Art Center. The first one I sold is being sent to Thailand as a gift, one was custom made for a friend’s mother, and one will be Valentine gift. I love the fact that these lotus flowers are going to loving homes and will be treasured.