Studio With New Wall Completed

Here’s the new wall with my “new” display unit with glass shelves.

I really love the way my Studio turned out! It feels so good to work in.

Here are some photos of my studio with my new wall, new glass shelving unit, and the studio mostly painted (still a tad of finishing work to be done).

I thought this would be a simple project. I found the display unit at a recycled furniture store. However, it needed to be secured to a wall and the wall I wanted it to be placed against was stepped. So put up a new wall. Paint it gray. Then the rest of the studio needed to be painted. And of course, the displays needed to be moved around and artwork needed to be changed too.

Another view with my drafting table showing.

I suppose one of the reasons things took longer than I anticipated had to do with a trip to Eastern Oregon and Idaho and a show that I was preparing for. More on my trip to Eastern Oregon in future posts. New inspiration and new art will be forthcoming.

I still need to add something to the white wall that was just painted, but that’s for another day.

I’m excited to be working in my “new” Studio. Time to start playing again!!

Enjoy, Candy

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  1. Congratulations, Candy! It looks beautiful!

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