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Happy Thanksgiving

A collaboration I did with my mother. She did the Chinese brush painting and I did the brush calligraphy.

I am grateful for my loving family and friends, near and far, old and new. Thank you ALL for being so supportive of me and of each other. I am truly blessed to have you as part of my life.

Love and blessings to all, Candy

Framables™ – Beautiful Greeting Cards Designed To Be Framed

Framables™ calligraphy card. The quote says, “the heart never gets wrinkles.”

I started selling my own greeting cards back in 1980. I designed them myself using my calligraphy, and had them printed in black ink on a brown parchment-style card stock. When folded, the cards were the size of a quarter sheet of paper, a standard small greeting card.

Two of my first calligraphy greeting cards

Many people who purchased or received my cards ended up liking my calligraphy so much they would want to frame their cards and put them on display. But the cards looked out of place in standard sized frames because the frames were the wrong size for the cards. I loved it that people wanted to frame my cards, but I wished the cards would fit better in the frames.

So, when I designed my new line of greeting cards in 2008, I decided to make sure that the cards would fit in a standard frame. Thus, my new line of Framables™ was born. I’ve designed all my Framables with a colorful border around the calligraphy, which looks like a mat. The border is a scanned image of a paste paper, watercolor, or marbled paper that I have made myself.

The cards fit perfectly in a standard 5” x 7” frame or  an 8” x 10” frame with a 5” x 7” mat. Now I feel good about people framing my greeting cards.

Here is one of my Framables™ greeting cards in a double mat and an 8″ x 10″ frame. The quote says, “The difference between young and old is a fine line called a wrinkle.”

I have been  collecting quotes for as long as I can remember. Many of the quotes that became Framables™ started out as a something special that I sent to a friend.

“I wish I could wrap you up in love and take the hurt away” was a quote that I originally sent to a family friend who was ill, when we didn’t know whether or not she would recover. Thankfully, she did get better, but I had realized there was a need for cards for those who were ill and wouldn’t get better. Traditional “Get Well Soon” cards just weren’t appropriate.

“Take only one day at a time” was done for a friend after the loss of a friend’s husband.

“Happiness is everyone remembering your birthday but forgetting your age” was done for a friend who would always refuse to tell anyone her age.

Framables™ calligraphy greeting card. The quote says, “Happiness is everyone remembering your birthday but forgetting your age.”

I’m grateful that I’ve had a chance to reinvent my greeting cards and spread beauty to others. Anyone can send a greeting card, but being able to send art is special. This is one occasion where it may be better to receive than to give.

For information on how I make my paste papers that I use for many of my borders, click here for Making Paste Papers: Part One and here for Making Paste Papers: Part Two.

Hugs to all, Candy

November 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar Page

The calendar page from my 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar

Happy November! The colors are absolutely lovely here in Oregon. The trees are losing their leaves later than usual. There is a chill in the air, but it’s not quite cold yet and it’s a great time of the year to go on hikes. Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons.

My November Lotus Flower brings to mind a Thanksgiving turkey just out of the oven. It is actually made out of a very thin, semi-transparent oriental paper and does not go well with cranberry sauce.

If you are interested in seeing what my 2013 Lotus Flower Calendar looks like, click here.

Enjoy, Candy