Long-Stemmed Hearts

Long stemmed hearts in a variety of colors are perfect for Valentine's Day.

Long stemmed hearts in a variety of colors are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I have been playing around with paper hearts. My favorite I have dubbed the Long-Stemmed Heart. I started out making the traditional red heart. Then I decided to add pinks and purples. Why stop there? I got a little carried away and have made the hearts in all sorts of colors. Then it was time to play with different color combinations for the bouquets.

Long stem hearts 3

Purple, blue and teal Long-Stemmed Hearts.

Long stem hearts 4

Warm colored Long-Stemmed Hearts.

Long stem hearts 5

Purples and blue look great. You don’t always have to have red hearts.

Here I went with reds, pinks and purple long stemmed hearts.

Here I went with cool colored Long-Stemmed Hearts.

Unlike roses, my Long-Stemmed Hearts won’t wilt after a week and never need watering. In fact, it’s highly advised that you don’t.

I hope this inspires you.

Enjoy, Candy


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  1. Can I get your instructions for the Long-Stemmed Hearts?

    • Mindy, I haven’t posted the instructions for these because they are a bit complicated. When I originally made them, I wasn’t thinking about teaching them. I am working on trying to make the design less complicated. Right now I cut, fold, punch holes, sew through all the folds, wrap the bottoms and then push through the skewer. I will email you personally. Meanwhile, I am hoping to streamline the design and share the instructions early next year (in time for everyone to make some for Valentine’s Day 2016).

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