Paste Paper Lotus Flower

My first Lotus Flower made from my very own paste papers.

My first Lotus Flower made from my very own paste papers!

For those of you following my posts, you know that I have started my seasonal making of paste papers, which I do every summer when it is hot and the paste papers can dry quickly.

Over the past few years, during my annual paste paper making frenzy, I’ve been testing papers to try to find the perfect one for a special project. I’ve wanted to make a paste paper and then fold it into a Lotus Blossom. Believe me when I say that has been a difficult task. Most of the papers I’ve tried have ended up having the paste crack when folded, or the paper has torn when I manipulated the folded pieces into a lotus blossom, or it was just too unwieldy to use.

As you may have guessed from the photo above, I have finally found a paper that works… if I am super, super careful when folding. For those of you who are curious, the paper I ended up using for the Lotus Flower above is a charcoal paper. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have finally found something that works!

My new (new to me, at least) garage has been converted into my paste paper studio for the next month, as I make hundreds of paste papers. I have an upcoming show in August of 2014,  for which I will be needing a great many paste papers. This is your first notice! I’m afraid I will be keeping the actual project a secret until I install the show. But stay tuned, because after the installation, I will be posting lots of photos!

Autumn colored paste papers drying in my garage.

Autumn colored paste papers drying in my garage.

Currently I’m making autumn paste papers. Over the next month, I will work my way through each season and end up with a large variety of colors. During the warm summer weather, I seem to find autumn colors the hardest to do. Maybe it’s the Oregon fires causing the hazy conditions here or maybe it’s being able to set up in my very own garage, but this year the autumn colors have come easy.

And I love the fact that I don’t have to take down my paste paper set-up in order to cook (I used to do this in my kitchen). Of course that means fewer dinners out, but I guess I don’t mind. It’s worth it.

Enjoy, Candy

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