Paper Lotus Flowers

2014 Lotus Flower 1


During 2011, I made at least one paper Lotus Flower each day for the entire year. It was a very hectic year for me. Making a paper Lotus Flower requires a great deal of calm and patience. If I’m not in a peaceful state of mind, the paper will tear when I fold it. Making a Lotus Flower a day for the year ensured that I would have about an hour of peaceful meditative time every day. I came to look forward to it.


2014 Lotus Flower 2


Today, I still make paper Lotus Flowers and still enjoy the peace and tranquility that comes to me as I sit and fold my flower. I no longer make one a day, but I will still make time to make paper Lotus Flowers when the urge comes. It has become a form of meditation for me.


2014 Lotus Flower 3


I use a variety of papers to make my paper Lotus Flowers. The above Lotus Flower was made using a beautiful red and gold Japanese paper with white and black cranes and a textured gold paper.


2014 Lotus Flower 4


The above paper Lotus Flower was made from a piece of hand marbled paper I was given years ago. I knew it needed to be made into something special. It reminds me of the saying, “April Showers bring May Flowers.”


2014 Lotus Flower 5


I made this paper Lotus Flower for all my music loving family and friends. I had to buy lots of music paper and make lots of these because I know so very many music lovers.

Enjoy, Candy

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  1. Candy, your Lotus Flowers are truly inspiring!

  2. Candy, thank you for sharing your lotus flower meditation. They truly are little works of art, just like all of your creations. Hugs, Diane

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