Paper Mâché Boxes

Whether you call it papier-mâché (pap-yay mash-ay) or paper mâché (paper mash-ay), I call it absolute FUN! I made these boxes from pieces of binders board that I cut and then glued together to make the box shape. Then I tore and paper mâchéd some of the many papers from my paper stash.

Handmade paper mâché box about 4″ square and 2.5″ tall.

Once I started, I didn’t want to stop. The hardest part was waiting for the boxes to day.

Handmade paper mâché box about 4″ square and 2.5″ tall.

The two above boxes are about 4″ square and stand about 2.5″ tall (not counting the bead top). I raided my bead stash to find beads that went well with each of my boxes.

Handmade paper mâché box about 6.5″ square and 4″ tall.

My first paper mâché box had a traditional lid. For now, however, I am just loving the look of these beaded lids. They actually take a little longer to make, but I think the beaded tops have a bit more pizzaz.

Close up of the beaded lid of my paper mâché box.

These photos were taken a bit before the paper mâché was completely dry. You can see that in the upper photo. I had to take the photos and share them. I just love how these little boxes turned out.

Enjoy, Candy

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  1. These are gorgeous, Candy–love the bead tops!

  2. These are wonderful, Candy! Little boxes are one of my favorite paper-y things. If you aren’t already familiar with Debra Glanz of The Paper Assembly, I think you would enjoy seeing the ones she makes.

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