My 2017 Gifts of Random Kindness & Senseless Acts of Beauty

I am an idealist and generally a positive person. Lately, however, I have noticed more and more people concentrating on negative things rather than positive ones. I know that my health suffers when I am surrounded by negativity and improves when I am surrounded by love and kindness. After a lot of introspection, I have decided that for 2017, I will offer the world more love and kindness through Random Kindness & Senseless Acts of Beauty.

One of the boxes I made to leave for someone to find.

I am making handmade little boxes and will be leaving them in random locations throughout my travels. I want to share love and bring smiles to the faces of strangers I will never meet.

Close up of the bead/handle on the lid of the box.

I have written a little tag explaining the gift that I will be attaching to each box that I leave for someone to find. It says:

To whoever finds this:
This is for you!

I’m glad you’ve found it and I hope this gift lifts your spirits and makes your day happier. Please accept it and enjoy it!

This box is a handmade original, one of a series I’ve created to surprise others with random kindness and senseless acts of beauty. I believe that when we put more love into the world, we help heal the rifts tearing us apart.

You may even want to “pay it forward” to others with your own random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

Handmade box I made as part of my desire to spread more love and happiness in the world.

This is what I feel I can do to bring more love into the world. I would like to encourage others who are so inclined to find their own way to practice Random Kindness & Senseless Acts of Beauty.

Let’s send more love into the world, Candy

20 responses to “My 2017 Gifts of Random Kindness & Senseless Acts of Beauty

  1. What a wonderful idea! I have also decided to spread more kindness this year and I am starting by smiling at strangers on the street more than I did before. I love the little box idea, what a nice treat for the “finder”.

    • Spreading love and kindness, in whatever way someone may do it, is just what the world needs now. Love, sweet love! So glad you like my idea with my boxes.

  2. Love this Candy. I am weary of negativity and want to be around love and kindness. You are an inspiration.

    • I am so glad you like my idea. I was feeling somewhat depressed until I came up with this way to combat the negativity. Now I feel lighter in spirit.

  3. Lucky recipient who finds your lovely box – such a nice idea, Candy!

    • Thank you, Ann. I’ve managed to make four little boxes so far while traveling, and left my first one on January 1. It seemed like the right way to start the year off. I’ll be writing a post about my leaving them later as the year unfolds.

  4. I agree, a wonderful idea. Those beads look like candy….

    • I never thought about the beads looking like candy, but you’re right, this one really does. I’m looking for some unusual buttons to use as handles for the lids too. So glad so many people like my idea. Thanks, FinnBadger.

  5. I agree, lovely idea! Because of your inspiration, I made hundreds of pyramid boxes and distributed them to the fabulous nurses I work and tucked a small treat inside. Had to much fun doing this. Enjoy your travels.

    • Sande, what a great way to honor nurses! They work so hard. I know I appreciated every one who helped my dad when he was hospitalized. It feels so good to know I’ve inspired others. Thanks.

  6. Candy great idea, good inspiration. Happy travels, I look forward to ‘tagging along’. Of course I am just a wee bit jealous.

    • Thanks, Adelaide. You are welcome to ‘tag along.’ Right now I’m in Arizona and have been ever so busy. I need to set up my ‘studio’ outside just as soon as it gets a little bit warmer.

  7. Such a great thing to do, Candy! People will be thrilled w/these gifts from your heart–bless you!

    • Thanks, Susie. I’ll be dropping some off in Ashland once I return. Meanwhile the southwest is where they’re going now. I’ll be documenting where I leave them. And hopefully more people will do something loving to others as a result. That’s my hope.

  8. Annick (

    What a nice idea… And the box is lovely !

  9. Bondad y belleza = Spanish for Kindness & Beauty. You Go Girl!!! … makes me smile and want to join you in my own way. Amor

  10. Candy….I LOVE the acts of random kindness. I wish you (so we) could know who got them and seize the moment with a photo:) I bet those smiles light up the sky! You mention Ashland. Are you an Oregon girl?
    Happy Travels,

    Carolyn from Portland Or

    • I agree that it would be wonderful to be able too see the people who get the boxes. I have thought of lingering around to take a photo, but so far haven’t seen who has picked any of them up. And yes, I’m an Oregon girl. Right now I’m in Arizona, but will be traveling back to Oregon in a little over a week. And Portland is one of my favorite places to visit. I love all the wonderful restaurants there, especially the vegan ones.

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