Studio Snapshot – Art On The Go! – Folding Origami Mandalas

I’m finding that it’s been harder to do art while traveling than I had supposed. As I have written earlier, Paul and I are on a 2 month trip in our 19′ van. It took a bit of preparation to cut and package the few art supplies I could fit between our clothes and food.

It takes 8 pieces of paper 1″ by 4″ to make one origami mandala.

So far, I’ve not been able spend as much time making art as I would like. On days when we drive 8 to 12 plus hours, very little art gets done.

Origami mandalas I’ve made so far on our trip. These will be made into finished pieces once I get home.

We’ve been doing a lot of visiting with family and friends. While I’ve been able to eek out a bit of  time for folding and box making, it’s been in very short periods of time. We’ve also been making new friends, attending numerous potlucks, dancing, trying new foods and restaurants, hiking and so much more. We’ll be visiting Biosphere 2 this next week and probably a number of other places. This is leaving me less time for my art than I expected. But, I am relaxing and enjoying myself.

Sometimes I just have a few minutes, so I can fold just a few pieces and add to my stash of folded paper to make into my origami mandalas.

I’m still trying to get into a rhythm for my days. This traveling is new to me and I’m loving it. I know everything will fall into place eventually. Meanwhile, I’ll keep trying to eek out my art in small periods of time.

Enjoy, Candy

6 responses to “Studio Snapshot – Art On The Go! – Folding Origami Mandalas

  1. Candy – the journey is the prize ! so what if you don’t meet your “art targets” – you will be richly rewarded with all the travel experiences you have. Looking forward to reading about your upcoming adventures. Good Luck !

    • Thanks, Chris. I guess the perfectionist in me is still rather strong. I want to do it all and do it perfectly. I’m still learning to just take what comes. I’ll keep you updated on my travels and my art or lack of it.

  2. Enjoy seeing the Biosphere this week–how interesting! Your trip sounds great w/good food & dancing & hiking & exploring restaurants–Yay! :- ) Sounds lie just what the Dr. ordered (only maybe a 28 hour day to have time for your Art :- ) We miss you but glad you’re having a great RV Adventure away from all this winter’s snow & c-c-cold! Good luck w/class & more Art time and Bon Voyage!

    • Biosphere not happening due to weather. We’re getting lots of rain, so maybe in a week or two. Staying with a new friend right now, with our RV a few blocks away. Lots happening. We might even decide to become snowbirds.

  3. These look great. Where can I find the instructions? I am using Origami paper to write my daily blessings and gratitudes on and I think making them into mandalas at the end of the year would be a great transformation for them. Thank you. Angel

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