Puffy Pentagon Boxes and Chocolate Make Perfect Travel Gifts

I always like to have a bunch of gifts on hand when I travel as I never know when I may want to give a little “thank you” to someone. It doesn’t seem to be a problem for me when I’m traveling by car or in my van. There’s always a little space to pack my gifts.

These puffy pentagon boxes pack flat for packing. They’re the perfect size to hold a Dagoba Chocolate taster square.

But it becomes a little more difficult when I travel by air. And our current trip was even more difficult because because we flew back to Arizona where we had left our van. Our suitcases were full of clothes and supplies for six weeks of traveling. There wasn’t much “extra” room. I solved the problem with two of my favorite things, my puffy pentagon boxes and Dagoba chocolate taster squares.

It takes just moments for the puffy pentagon box to go from flat into a delightful little box.

The puffy pentagon box stores flat, making it a perfect choice for taking with me when traveling. And the taster squares don’t take up much space either. The only hard part has been not eating all the chocolate before I give it as a gift.

The perfect paring for a gift, chocolate and a handmade little puffy pentagon box.

Here’s a link to my DIY blog post that details how to make the clover fold box and the template so you can make your own.

Blog post: DIY – Puffy Pentagon Box

Template: Puffy Pentagon Box

Enjoy, Candy

2 responses to “Puffy Pentagon Boxes and Chocolate Make Perfect Travel Gifts

  1. These are lovely. I have made the boxes but must learn to make them as you do, with paste paper. This weekend I am attending a paper marbling class but cannot seem to find one on making paste paper. Your directions will be a great help to making some later this year.

    Thank you for your lovely pictures and instructions you provide.

    • For these boxes, I scanned my paste paper, then printed my designs on paper the perfect weight for making these Puffy Pentagon Boxes. I use so many different weights of paper for different projects, so now I’m digitizing my paste papers so I can print them on whatever weight of paper I need. It’s been a great help. You could scan your favorite marbled papers too and then you can use them over and over.

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