Downsizing My Art & Art Supplies

The past three weeks have been jam packed with packing, reduction and letting go of ever so many things I never imagined I could give up. But, it’s for a good cause. I’ll be renting my house out for a few years and traveling. I have a place to stay for the winter months in Arizona. I’ll come back to Ashland for the summer. And in between, I plan to travel the U.S.

It was even hard to let go of this failed necklace made from circles punched from Sunday comics. It failed because the newsprint rubbed off on my skin.

I’ve sold most of my furniture. Letting go of it was hard, but not as hard as it’s been to let go of paper and art supplies. I gave many car loads of art supplies to my friend, Cynthia, who has promised to find good homes for all of it. My two drafting tables went to be sold at a shop whose profits go to our local Hospice.

I gave the framed original for these Happy Valentine’s Day cards to our clubhouse to be used for Valentine’s Day decoration.

On Friday I hope to head out for Arizona and Kansas for a month. I realize this is the wrong time of year for that, but Paul has a couple of family reunions in Kansas and I want to drop off some of my art supplies in Arizona where we will be spending some time this winter.

Paper flowers with some of my vintage buttons didn’t make the cut. I figured it would be easy to make more at a later date.

So, no art has been done lately. My home studio looks barren. My display shelves are empty. I still have my studio at the Ashland Art Center. I will be working there when I’m in Ashland and I’ve added a couple of other artists who will work there while I’m traveling.

I spent untold hours punching and stringing circles from the Sunday comics. My intent was to make a necklace. Now I’ve let them go, which I should have done long ago since the newsprint stains skin.

It will be interesting to see what paper art I do and what paper art I find on my travels.

Happy trails, Candy

14 responses to “Downsizing My Art & Art Supplies

  1. You are brave to make such sweeping changes. Good luck on the journey.

  2. Scary but so exciting for you. Please keep us informed of all your adventures and enjoy. I am trying to make a retirement decision soon and it is not easy. Changes are never easy are they?

    • You really nailed it – scary, but exciting! So true. The scary part for me is giving up so many of my favorite things. Yet, I have to let go of lots of stuff to make room for the new adventures ahead.

  3. How exciting, Candy! I hope you’ll continue to post even if you won’t have as much time to create your beautiful art. Happy trails!

    • Yes, Ann, I plan on continuing to post. I hope to find time for some kind of art on my travels, I just haven’t hit the right one for me yet. And I’ll keep a look out for wonderful paper art as I travel too.

  4. Wow, Candy. Blessings to you in these new endeavors. A few years ago, I “decommissioned” my art studio, so I have some idea of how you feel. In my case, it has been very freeing. I still do art each day, and that for me is the most important part. I know your special creativity will continue, and look forward to seeing what you will do next. All the best. Sallie

    • So great to hear from you again, Sallie. I miss seeing your art posted on Facebook and receiving your blog posts. I’m glad to hear that you’re still making art. I need to figure out how to incorporate my art along with traveling. I’m still working to find what will work best for me. At first I tried to take a some of everything, and that didn’t work. Now I’m going to try different things and find what I really enjoy doing while traveling.

  5. Congratulations, Candy on all your hard work that will lead to travel adventures (& warmer winters!) Those hard decisions and giving up/sharing those great art pieces will lead to getting more! Best wishes for your travels!

    • Thanks, Susie. I am feeling so overwhelmed right now, but I keep thinking of the end reward. Soon we’ll be on our way. I can hardly wait to get back to my art. Missing you. Hope you’re having a relaxing summer.

  6. I can’t IMAGINE giving up your entire life to do something so different! (Selfish ME – I wish I’d been on the receiving end of your art supplies!) Good luck in ALL your endeavors!

    • This wasn’t anything we planned to do. It just happened. Everything fell into place and we said, “YES!” We just went on what we thought was a six week trip in our camper van and the next thing we knew, we decided to become snowbirds. We were going to store everything until we came back, but when we looked at the storage fees, we decided to get rid of most of it instead. And you know what? It feels so right. So, we’re plunging right in and making it happen, hard as it is to let go of so much stuff. I never would have gotten rid of so much on my own.

  7. What a great experience you’ll have! Decades ago, we took our 11 and 13 year olds out of school for a year and traveled around the west n our RV. It was memorable for all of us. Of course I didn’t have quite as much stuff, including a wall of yarn, to deal with in those days.

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