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Visiting Stores With Wonderful Paper Creations

When I’m traveling, I’m always on the lookout for stores selling paper and paper creations. Who knows where my next inspiration will come from. On my latest trip, I found a number of shops with wonderful paper creations.

This window display of 3D paper stars drew me into Design Warehouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

While walking down the street in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I saw the above window display and just had to check out the store. While it was mostly a design studio, called Design Warehouse, there were a number of paper sculptures that I loved and got permission to take photos of for my blog.

If you look closely, you can see the delightful pop up paper cards.

I found the above paper pop up cards there too. Look closely and see a variety of cards on each shelf.

Paper boxes hanging in a window display at Design Warehouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In addition to the star window display, there was another window with paper boxes hung on strings. There were multiple layers of paper and some were cut to show the paper below it.

Magic paper lamps at Design Warehouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The above “Magic Lamps” have light shining through paper cut outs. The cut outs were spinning. Absolute fun!

Wonderful paper art at Collage Annex. Check out the bird perched on the antlers.

When I visit Portland, Oregon, I try to always visit Collage, an art supply store on Alberta Street. This past visit I found they had opened Collage Annex next door where they have wonderful artful gifts, many of which were made out of paper.

Lots of cards, prints. posters and more at Collage Annex in Portland, Oregon.

Check out the map of Portland in the above photo. It’s one of the best sellers at Collage Annex.

Love the old style teal typewriter.

And for anyone longing for days of old, you can purchase a non-electric writing device. I love this teal typewriter!

Window display at Ped X Shoe Shangri-la.

Just down the street from Collage Annex, I found the above paper garlands in the window of Ped X Shoe Shangri-la, my favorite shoe store in Portland.

Window Display at Illustrated Playing Cards.

I found this delightful store, Illustrated Playing Cards in a little mall off Alberta Street in Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately the shop wasn’t open the day I was there. I’ll be checking it out the next time I’m in Portland. I can see myself spending hours in there. I like to purchase playing cards from places I visit, and I am sure I’ll find a few decks of cards in there that I won’t be able to resist.

Enjoy, Candy

Visiting Prickly Pear Paper

A lot has happened since my last blog post. I traveled from Oregon to California to Arizona to New Mexico to Oklahoma to Kansas to Colorado to Utah to Nevada and back to Oregon. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind of driving and visiting with very little time for art along the nearly 5,000 miles we traveled.

Prickly Pear Paper in Gilbert, Arizona.

I did find time, while in Arizona, to visit a wonderful little paper shop where they both make and sell paper products. It’s called Prickly Pear Paper and it’s a letterpress and design studio in addition to being a retail store. They’re part of Barone, a craftsman community in Gilbert, Arizona.

They have their letterpress in their shop.

Prickly Pear Paper started in 2016 by Lauren Elliott and Mark Johnston. They envisioned a business that combined their love of graphic design with fun, adventurous stationery that makes people smile. I think they accomplished their objective.

This Arizona map is one of the best sellers in their shop.

In addition to what they have in their shop, they also offer custom design and printing services for businesses, events, weddings, announcements and personal stationery.

Prickly Pear Paper in Gilbert, Arizona.

BTW, I purchased the adoption card that is sitting on the letterpress in the second photo. And if you can’t make it to Gilbert, Arizona, you can check out their website: Prickly Pear Paper.

Enjoy, Candy