Lotus Flower Project

I started my Lotus Flower Project on January 1, 2011. For the entire year I made at least one lotus flower a day. I taught myself to make lotus flowers while recovering from a broken and sprained ankle. Somehow the lotus flower and the zen quality of concentration when I make them has touched some inner quality of my soul. I wanted to see what would happen if I kept making them for a year of more, I wanted to see how they would change.

I continue to make lotus flowers, though no longer every day. Please enjoy the photos below. It is a wonderful ongoing journey.

My first lotus flowers were red with green leaves, like the one above. Since then I have tried a variety of different papers. I have been amazed at the variety of different papers that have worked as well as the number that have not worked. Softer tend to work better than hard ones.

I have made lotus flowers with transparent rice papers like the one above and I have made lotus flowers with paper that is as thick as card stock like the one below.

I have an extensive collection of papers I have collected over the years. I tried many different papers. Some worked wonderfully, some failed miserably.  It has been a wonderful amazing journey. When I started the project, I wasn’t sure where it would take me.

I never imagined it would result in a desk calendar, but that’s what happened. I used photos of my lotus flowers to create a calendar for 2012. Each month depicts a lotus flower with colors and patterns that I associate with that month. It was a joy to put together.

This lotus flower I call my Art Deco lotus flower (for obvious reasons).

This lotus flower I made for the Salem Art Association Holiday Gift Show at the Bush Barn Art Gallery in Salem, Oregon.

2013 Paper Lotus Flower Calendar cover

2013 Paper Lotus Flower Calendar cover

2013 Calendar 1

My 2013 Lotus Flower Calendar.

This is my first Lotus Flower made from my very own paste papers.

This is the first Lotus Flower I made using my very own handmade paste papers.


4 responses to “Lotus Flower Project

  1. It is a marvelous creation!
    Is it possible to have the DIY to make it
    Thank you, Bravo

    • Thanks, Eliane. No, I don’t have a DIY on this because it is quite difficult. I don’t even teach it in a class setting because I always want my students to have success with what they are making. I think there might be some YouTube videos, but beware that this is something that tears easily when you are folding up the paper flower petals. That said, you would probably have the best result with a soft, light weight, strong oriental paper for the flower portion of the Lotus Flower. Good luck, Candy

  2. love the lotus flowers!

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