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        1967年,創辦人曁董事長傅一德先生于桃園市大同路 62 號創立「臺灣衡器工廠」,從事生產傳統機械式衡器產品,如自動秤、臺秤、體重計等。

        In 1967, Founder Mr. Fu Yide, Chairman ofthe Board, founded "Taiwan Weighing Apparatus Factory" at No. 62 Datong Road,Taoyuan City to produce traditional mechanical weigher products such as automaticscales, scales and scales.

        1978年,于桃園縣中壢工業區合圳南路 9 號建廠,成立「力固工業股份有限公司」,專業制造地磅、槽秤等工業用磅秤。

        In 1978, it set up a plant in No.9 SouthHezhong Road, Zhongli Industrial Park, Taoyuan County,and set up "Li-Gu weighing Industry Co., Ltd.", which specializes inmanufacturing industrial scales such as floor scales and slot scales.


        In 1979, successfully developed andmanufactured the first mechanical truck scale.

        1987 年,因應產業轉型及升級的需要,公司擴建為三層工業廠房,并擴充電子、電機、自動控制、電腦人才及設備,使設計、制造、安裝、測試及服務等流程得以一貫作業,以確保產品及服務的品質。

        In 1987, in response to the needs ofindustrial restructuring and upgrading, the company expanded into athree-storey industrial plant and expanded the fields of design, manufacturing,installation, testing and service through electronic, electrical, automaticcontrol, computer personnel and equipment To ensure the quality of products andservices.

        1994年,為提升產能及技術層次,增購中壢工業區合圳南路 7-1 號廠房和辦公大樓,與原有廠房合并規劃成為一個完整性的廠區。

        In 1994, in order to enhance the productioncapacity and technical level, it was planned to purchase a plant and officebuilding No. 7-1, South Hezhong Road, Chungli Industrial Zone, to be merged withthe original plant into an integrated plant.


        1998 年,榮獲荷蘭DND ISO 9002國際品質認證,成為業界率先通過質量體系認證的企業之一。

        In 1998, it won the international qualitycertification of DND ISO 9002 in the Netherlands and became one of thefirst in the industry to pass the quality system certification.

        2001年,通過英國 UKAS ISO 9001 2000 年版的品質認證,同年年底董事長率公司主管赴廣東、福建、上海、蘇州等地考察投資環境。

        In 2001, the company passed UKAS ISO 90012000 edition quality certification. At the end of the same year, the chairmanof the board led the company executives to go to Guangdong,Fujian, Shanghaiand Suzhou toinspect the investment environment.

        2002年,為服務中國大陸廣大臺商客戶的需求,于江蘇省昆山高科技工業園蕭林路 802 號設立昆山力固機電工業有限公司,做為業務與服務的一個據點。

        In2002, in order to serve the needs of a large number of Taiwanese businesspeoplein mainland China, Kunshan Solidpower Electromechanical Industry Co., Ltd. wasestablished at 802 Xiaolin Road, Kunshan High-tech Industrial Park, JiangsuProvince as a base for business and service.

        2004年,為滿足業務迅速擴展,以及制造上的各種需求,設廠于江蘇省昆山市民營科技工業園民友路 188 號,針對灌裝秤、包裝秤、檢重秤及配料系統等重點產品全力進行擴展及研發。

        In 2004, in order to meet the rapidexpansion of business and manufacturing needs, we set up a factory in No. 188 Minyou Road,Private TechnologyIndustrial Park, Kunshan City, JiangsuProvince, focusing on filling scales, packing scales, checkweighers andbatching systems Products fully expand and research and development.


        In 2006, the company passed the assessmentof production conditions and obtained manufacturing license. It became thefirst qualified manufacturer in Greater Suzhou in Jiangsu Provinceto provide better service to the needs of Chinese customers.


        In 2008, due to the large market demand, weexpanded our plant to buy and sell 100 Fuxin Road, Zhengyi, Kunshan, JiangsuProvince, specializing in the production of weighing system equipment to meetthe needs of our customers.

        2010 年,公司把產品定位在“品牌化、系統化、標準化”,立足高質、高附加值的稱重產品,并在上海、安徽、河北、浙江、山東、廣西、湖南、江西、福建設立了經銷服務點,為客戶提供優質化的產品質量及專業化的品質服務。

        In 2010, the company positioned itsproducts as "branded, systematic and standardized" based on highquality and high value-added weighing products and set up in Shanghai, Anhui,Hebei, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi and Fujian The distributionservice points for our customers to provide quality products and professionalquality of service.

        2012 年,公司獲得高新技術企業認證,為業界率先取得該項認證的企業,至此公司全面發展全自動無人化配料/灌裝/包裝生產線。

        In 2012, the company was certified as ahigh-tech enterprise and was the first company in the industry to achieve thiscertification. As a result, the company has fully developed a fully automaticunmanned ingredient / filling / packaging production line.


        In 2013, Kunshan Jincheng MachineryManufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in Kunshan through a joint venture withTaiwan'sBaorui Co., Ltd. to manufacture and sell powder and granule automatic conveyingand measuring equipment.


        In 2014, we established a part of LiqiangSouth in the purchase of land in Tainan, Taiwan, aimingto provide better products and services to southern customers.


        In 2016, we established "ZhonghengCo., Ltd." in Taoyuan, Taiwan, specializing in weighing system productsand expanding its market in Taiwan.


        In 2017, the Company obtained a number ofindustrial weighing equipment patents, positioning its development direction asa "the leader of weighing technology", strengthening its productquality and service functions, truly reflecting the service concept of the  spirit of "Strong foundation" and"honesty and trustworthiness".

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