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Paper Lotus Flowers

2014 Lotus Flower 1


During 2011, I made at least one paper Lotus Flower each day for the entire year. It was a very hectic year for me. Making a paper Lotus Flower requires a great deal of calm and patience. If I’m not in a peaceful state of mind, the paper will tear when I fold it. Making a Lotus Flower a day for the year ensured that I would have about an hour of peaceful meditative time every day. I came to look forward to it.


2014 Lotus Flower 2


Today, I still make paper Lotus Flowers and still enjoy the peace and tranquility that comes to me as I sit and fold my flower. I no longer make one a day, but I will still make time to make paper Lotus Flowers when the urge comes. It has become a form of meditation for me.


2014 Lotus Flower 3


I use a variety of papers to make my paper Lotus Flowers. The above Lotus Flower was made using a beautiful red and gold Japanese paper with white and black cranes and a textured gold paper.


2014 Lotus Flower 4


The above paper Lotus Flower was made from a piece of hand marbled paper I was given years ago. I knew it needed to be made into something special. It reminds me of the saying, “April Showers bring May Flowers.”


2014 Lotus Flower 5


I made this paper Lotus Flower for all my music loving family and friends. I had to buy lots of music paper and make lots of these because I know so very many music lovers.

Enjoy, Candy

Paste Paper Lotus Flower

My first Lotus Flower made from my very own paste papers.

My first Lotus Flower made from my very own paste papers!

For those of you following my posts, you know that I have started my seasonal making of paste papers, which I do every summer when it is hot and the paste papers can dry quickly.

Over the past few years, during my annual paste paper making frenzy, I’ve been testing papers to try to find the perfect one for a special project. I’ve wanted to make a paste paper and then fold it into a Lotus Blossom. Believe me when I say that has been a difficult task. Most of the papers I’ve tried have ended up having the paste crack when folded, or the paper has torn when I manipulated the folded pieces into a lotus blossom, or it was just too unwieldy to use.

As you may have guessed from the photo above, I have finally found a paper that works… if I am super, super careful when folding. For those of you who are curious, the paper I ended up using for the Lotus Flower above is a charcoal paper. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have finally found something that works!

My new (new to me, at least) garage has been converted into my paste paper studio for the next month, as I make hundreds of paste papers. I have an upcoming show in August of 2014,  for which I will be needing a great many paste papers. This is your first notice! I’m afraid I will be keeping the actual project a secret until I install the show. But stay tuned, because after the installation, I will be posting lots of photos!

Autumn colored paste papers drying in my garage.

Autumn colored paste papers drying in my garage.

Currently I’m making autumn paste papers. Over the next month, I will work my way through each season and end up with a large variety of colors. During the warm summer weather, I seem to find autumn colors the hardest to do. Maybe it’s the Oregon fires causing the hazy conditions here or maybe it’s being able to set up in my very own garage, but this year the autumn colors have come easy.

And I love the fact that I don’t have to take down my paste paper set-up in order to cook (I used to do this in my kitchen). Of course that means fewer dinners out, but I guess I don’t mind. It’s worth it.

Enjoy, Candy

December 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar Page

December 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar

December 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar Page

It’s winter already! We hardly had a fall this year. The leaves changed color later than usual this year and I’ve been seeing snow in the hills for weeks now. There is enough snow on our local mountain for it to open for skiing later this week. It all seems to be happening a bit fast this year.

With the days getting shorter, I have found myself with more time in the evenings to work of some new art projects. Here is a little preview of what I will be blogging about later this month.

Here are a hot chocolate jar and a metal tea container that I up-cycled into decorative gift containers.

Here are a hot chocolate jar and a metal tea container that I up-cycled into decorative gift containers.

These tile ornaments with dimensional glazes that I've been playing with. I will be post some DIY instructions and my experiences with these dimensional glazes later in December.

These tile ornaments with dimensional glazes that I’ve been playing with. I will be post some DIY instructions and my experiences with these dimensional glazes later in December.

Wishing you a wonderful crafty December,  Candy

November 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar Page

The calendar page from my 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar

Happy November! The colors are absolutely lovely here in Oregon. The trees are losing their leaves later than usual. There is a chill in the air, but it’s not quite cold yet and it’s a great time of the year to go on hikes. Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons.

My November Lotus Flower brings to mind a Thanksgiving turkey just out of the oven. It is actually made out of a very thin, semi-transparent oriental paper and does not go well with cranberry sauce.

If you are interested in seeing what my 2013 Lotus Flower Calendar looks like, click here.

Enjoy, Candy

2013 Lotus Flower Calendar

2013 Lotus Flower Calendar
showing the individual pages and the stand that comes with the calendar

My 2013 Lotus Flower Calendar is here. Each month has a photograph of an actual paper lotus flower that I made. I made lots of lotus flowers throughout the year and photographed my favorites. I ended up with about 50 photos and had to narrow them down to just 12 for the calendar. Not only did I need to narrow the photos down to just 12, I needed each lotus flower to represent its month in some way.

October 2013 from my 2013 Lotus Flower Calendar

October’s lotus flower is made from a marbled paper I found at Paper Source in Portland. It reminds me of a pumpkin. July’s lotus flower is made from a paper I found at the U of O Bookstore in Eugene. It is red, white, black and gold, but it reminds me of the American flag (think 4th of July here). For February’s lotus flower, I did a graduated wash on the petals. They go from pink to pale pink to white on the tips. April showers bring May flowers. Each flower was carefully picked for its month.

2013 Paper Lotus Flower Calendar cover

It was a labor of love that had great results.

Click here if you are interested in seeing the steps involved in making a lotus flower.

I have calendars available at the Ashland Art Center.

Enjoy, Candy

October 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar Page

This is what the October calendar page for my 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar looks like.

The above photo is the October page from my 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar. To me it says autumn is here, the trees are changing color and it’s time to decorate for Halloween. It’s time to put pumpkins on my doorstep and in my windows.

It’s still harvest time here. My tomatoes are still producing. I am making organic apple cider and it tastes wonderful. My paste papers are all made and waiting to be ironed and made into wonderful art. I have lots of new art ideas. As the days get shorter, I will be playing more at my drafting table in the evening.

My 2013 Lotus Flower Calendar is done. I didn’t think I could produce a better calendar than my 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar, but I believe I did. It is available at the Ashland Art Center.

Happy autumn, Candy

September 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar Page

This is what my September 2012 Lotus Calendar page looks like.

It’s September already! Time certainly seems to be flying by this year. I am currently finishing up my 2013 Lotus Flower Calendar. I made lots of lotus flowers, photographed my favorites and sent them to my graphic designer for the final edits. Tomorrow I should have the proofs and hopefully the calendar will go to the printer on Tuesday. When it is finished it will be available at the Ashland Art Center.

Enjoy, Candy

2011 Year End Review & A Preview of 2012

Made with Japanese Paper, this Lotus Flower looks dainty, but the paper is actually quite heavy.

When I started my blog in January of 2011, it was to chronicle my Lotus Flower Project, making a lotus flower a day for a year. My original idea was to post every week or so and show what I was doing.

Shortly after 2011 started, a loved one was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She passed away in December. The year was a difficult one with many trips to doctors, radiologists and lastly hospice at home. I kept making at least one lotus flower a day throughout the year. It was sometimes the one time of the day that I was relaxed and calm (if I wasn’t relaxed and calm, I tore the lotus flower). I may not have blogged as much as I had hoped, but I kept making my lotus flowers.

This colorful Lotus Flower was made from wrapping paper I had in my paper closet.

For 2012 I am going to just blog about whatever art project touches my fancy, be it mine or someone else’s. For an idea of what I have in the works; photos of what I made for a 50th Anniversary for a couple of friends of mine, Earth Paints that are non toxic that were developed by a friend, my Eco-Holders and more. I will include photos of things that inspire me, and hopefully will inspire you too. I will share links to some of my art and to other artists whose work I admire.

If you are interested in receiving my blog posts on a regular basis, please subscribe using the subscribe on the right of the page.

Here’s to a happy and artful 2012.

hugs to all, Candy

Lotus Flower for Bush Barn Art Gallery

Lotus Flower made for the Bush Barn Art Gallery Holiday Show

This Lotus Flower is made from a beautiful Japanese paper. I made this especially for the Holiday Show at the Bush Barn Art Gallery in Salem, Oregon. The show opens Saturday, November 5. If you happen to be in Salem between then and Christmas eve, drop in and see many lotus flowers that are exclusive to that show. I also have my calligraphic greeting cards, Eco-Holders, Inspiration Books and unique paste paper gift boxes in the show.

I love the way I was invited to participate in this show. I live over 200 miles from Salem. Catherine, the director, found my shop on Etsy and asked me if I would be interested in showing some of my art in their Holiday Show. The internet can be an amazing place to promote art.

2012 Lotus Flower Calendar

This 2012 Lotus Flower Calendar is my latest lotus flower creation. I came up with the idea of making a calendar out of my lotus flower photos. Then, with the help of my son, Christer Rowan of Rowan Design, together we made my idea become a reality.

Christer is a photoshop genius. He took my photos, dropped out the background and made them look more like the actual lotus flowers than I had been able to do. I decided which lotus flowers to use cialis for each month. Red for February for Valentine’s Day, April showers bring May flowers, fireworks for July, sunflower for August, roasted turkey looking lotus flower for November, etc.

The project took longer than I expected, but I enjoyed doing it so very much. I decided on an elongated plastic CD type case/stand that shows off the lotus flower while also letting the viewer easily see the entire month.

Steps to Make a Lotus Flower

My first step in making a Lotus Flower is to pick out the papers I want to use. It takes 12 of paper to make each Lotus Flower, 8 for the blossom and 4 for the “leaves.” I usually, but not always, pick a different colors for the blossom and leaves. Sometimes I even pick multiple colors for the blossoms.

Here are the papers I used today to make my Firestorm Lotus Flower.

12 pieces of paper are needed to make each Lotus Flower

The next step is to fold the pieces of paper.

12 pieces of paper folded and ready to make the Lotus Flower

Then I tie the folded pieces together and fold them into the Lotus Flower. The intense orange, brown and gold colors of this marbled paper remind me of a firestorm. The Lotus Flower looks to me as though it is about to ignite.

Below is the finished Lotus Flower. It takes a little over an hour, sometimes more depending on the paper, from start to finish to make a Lotus Flower.

My finished Firestorm Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower for Summer

Should I call this a bumble bee or a sunflower Lotus Flower?

It’s officially summer and I thought I should highlight a Lotus Flower that calls out Summer loud and clear. Bright, cheery and yellow, it makes me think of either a bumble bee or a sunflower.

This Lotus Flower is made of a very soft paper that reminds me of a batik. I have made this in yellow and black with yellow leaves as shown above and in green and black with green leaves. Both are striking. It is so much fun to try out new papers.

I really enjoy making at least one Lotus Flower a day. It makes me find a peaceful spot in my life for an hour or more each day. Life has been hectic for me lately and the slowing down required to make my Lotus Flowers has helped me center and remember that the most important things in life, aren’t things.

Black Tie Lotus Flower

This black tie lotus flower is perfect for Father's Day

With Father’s Day coming up, I thought a masculine looking Lotus Flower should be featured. I decided it looked like it would be comfortable in a “black tie” setting, so I titled it the Black Tie Lotus Flower.

The black and gold paper is very thin, yet holds its folds wonderfully. This paper was delightful to work with.

Thai Marbled Paper Lotus Flower

Vibrant purple, blue and green swirl around gold in this marbled paper creating a most beautiful lotus flower

The striking jewel colors of this Thai Unryu Momi marbled paper made this my favorite Lotus Flower of the week. Maybe it’s because these blues, purples and greens are my favorite colors that made me put it as the centerpiece on my dining table. It goes so well with the new blue placemats and napkins that got last week.

Each Lotus Flower takes about an hour to make. Once I have decided which papers I want to use, I cut twelve pieces of paper. Eight are used to make the flower portion and the other four are for the “leaves.” I then fold each of the twelve pieces of paper and tie them with waxed thread. I also make a loop on the back of each flower so a ribbon can go through it. This makes it easy to attach a Lotus Flower to a gift. I then fold and form each of the “petals” and “leaves.” I find the entire process is very calming and meditative.

Dandelion Lotus Flower

How can a dandelion look elegant? Well, this Dandelion Lotus Flower is.

Looking over the photos I have posted of my Lotus Flowers I noticed that I hadn’t posted a photo of a Lotus Flower with silver leaves. I am correcting that oversight right now. I just love this Dandelion Lotus Flower. How can a dandelion look elegant? I’m not sure, but this one does. The paper is a white cardstock weight paper, kind of soft, with gold and silver dandelions and silver glitter. I always end up with glitter on my pants and face after making these.

I tried making a Lotus Flower out of this paper on a whim. I figured that a paper as heavy as this wouldn’t work. I was ever so surprised (and very happy) that the paper worked like a charm. It has led me to try lots more papers than I otherwise would have. Some have been successes, others have not passed muster.