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2016 Year End Review and Preview of 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, I am amazed at how much art I accomplished while attending to the needs of others. 2016 has been the most stressful year of my life, and I think making art has been what got me through the year. I would not have made as much art this past year if I had not felt so committed to all of you who read and comment on my blog. I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My square envelopes with interlocking heart closure was one of my favorite DIY projects of 2016. DIY – Square Envelope With Interlocking Heart Closure

The square envelope with an interlocking heart closure is one of my favorite DIY’s from 2016. It has also received a lot of shares on the internet.

This Paper Origami Mandala is made with 8 pieces of paper 4 times longer in height as in width. DIY – Tea Bag Folding & Paper Origami Rosettes

My most popular blog post from 2016 was: DIY – Tea Bag Folding & Paper Origami Rosettes. This post includes links to instructions to make a number of different patterns.

This tea bag rosette was made from 8 tea bag wrappers like the one in the photo above. DIY – Tea Bag Folding & Origami Rosettes.

I actually save my tea bag wrappers, fold them, and make origami rosettes. The above photo shows one of the many patterns that can be made using tea bag wrappers.

These Puffy Pentagon Boxes are perfect to hold a Chocolate Dagoba Taster Square. DIY – Puffy Pentagon Box

I designed my Puffy Pentagon Box for the Oregon Chocolate Festival. This has been a favorite of many of my personal friends as well as those who read my blog on the internet. You can download the template from my blog post: DIY – Puffy Pentagon Box.

These origami envelopes are fun to make and quite addictive, too. They were another favorite DIY blog post. DIY Origami Envelope

I wish to thank Paula Bearded Krieg for the instructions for these wonderful envelopes. My blog post: DIY Origami Envelope includes a link to her instructions.

This photo shows the different burl wood I was looking at for the base of this Nuptial Spirit Vessel. Nuptial Spirit Vessel – The Processl

Although I can look at the numbers and know which post got the most views, it’s impossible to decide which is my most successful blog post of the year. Some posts are viewed a lot. Others have lots of comments. Some are shared a lot, or have lots of Facebook likes or are pinned on Pinterest. Some blog posts have been up for most of the year and some only a few months or weeks.

Two little birds made from watercolor blobs. DIY – From Blobs To Birds

Going through my statistics, I found that my blog has been viewed from 168 countries. The internet is an amazing place. I am so happy that I can reach so many people who love paper art.

50 triangle boxes are a whole lot of boxes.

My most popular photo on Pinterest brings thousands of views to the blog post 50 Triangle Boxes for a 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Quite a few of my older blog posts are still getting a lot of views too. 50 Triangle Boxes for A 50th Wedding Anniversary gets thousands of views from a photo on Pinterest. The DIY – Triangle Boxes, which includes a link to the template for making these triangle boxes, gets lots of views too.

Winter Walk book designed by Camille Riner that I made from her digital files. This photo has been shared a lot on Pinterest. Tiny Winter Walk Book

So what’s ahead for 2017? Obviously I will continue to do DIY blog posts. There will also be a lot of Art On The Go! blog posts about the paper art I make and see on my travels. And I will be writing about practicing random kindness and senseless acts of beauty throughout 2017 too.

Happy New Year! I look forward to a new and wonderfully creative 2017.

Enjoy, Candy