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Art On The Go – Home

Yes, I know I’ve not been updating my blog as frequently as I would like. In addition to traveling, I’ve had a few computer problems which are hopefully finally fixed. What I have found is that I have crowded way too much into our little 19′ van. It’s hard to get to all my art supplies as I stuffed everything I could into every little nook I could find.

This has been our home for the past two and a half months. This is overlooking the Columbia River Gorge just outside of Portland, Oregon.

This is our little home (above). We’re loving the traveling and hope to work to reduce the amount of unnecessary items.

And FIY “home” was written with a brush in black on white paper, photographed and changed into white in Photoshop, then layered on top of the photo.

Enjoy, Candy

Art On The Go – What I Learned While Traveling For Two Months

I’m just back from traveling for two months. I enjoyed it, but things did not go as I anticipated. I’m not complaining. I met wonderful people, formed new friendships and enjoyed numerous activities. It’s been great!

Metal art found on an office wall. This is my inspiration for some paper art I am planning on making in the future.

I packed expecting one set of adventures, but fate had different plans. Everything went as planned until the second week in January. Then things got interesting. We stayed with new friends while waiting for multiple appointments for our van which developed a fuel leak. Since most of my art supplies were in the van, which was being worked on, I didn’t get all that much art done. My planned trip to a paper art exhibit Tucson, didn’t happen. Nor did I get to visit Sedona or Santa Fe or Taos.

Hiking in the Superstition Mountains in Arizona.

We did make it to the Superstition Mountains. Great hiking and wonderful views. Car trouble there, but wonderful strangers to help carry 5 of us out. Lots of wonderful experiences, but not what was planned.

A piece of calligraphy I did with a brush marker and black pen.

What did I learn from this experience? I packed too many art supplies of the wrong type. I was typing to do the same type of art that I would have done at home. Next time I’m going with a couple of journals with watercolor paper and drawing paper. I won’t plan on making boxes on my trip. I’ll keep it simple with watercolors and a few different types of pens and pencils.

Being serenaded by the bird on the top of the Saguaro Cactus.

As I do more traveling, I’m sure I’ll revise what I take on my travels. I’ll keep you posted as to what works for me as I travel.

Enjoy, Candy

Studio Snapshot – Art On The Go! – Folding Origami Mandalas

I’m finding that it’s been harder to do art while traveling than I had supposed. As I have written earlier, Paul and I are on a 2 month trip in our 19′ van. It took a bit of preparation to cut and package the few art supplies I could fit between our clothes and food.

It takes 8 pieces of paper 1″ by 4″ to make one origami mandala.

So far, I’ve not been able spend as much time making art as I would like. On days when we drive 8 to 12 plus hours, very little art gets done.

Origami mandalas I’ve made so far on our trip. These will be made into finished pieces once I get home.

We’ve been doing a lot of visiting with family and friends. While I’ve been able to eek out a bit of  time for folding and box making, it’s been in very short periods of time. We’ve also been making new friends, attending numerous potlucks, dancing, trying new foods and restaurants, hiking and so much more. We’ll be visiting Biosphere 2 this next week and probably a number of other places. This is leaving me less time for my art than I expected. But, I am relaxing and enjoying myself.

Sometimes I just have a few minutes, so I can fold just a few pieces and add to my stash of folded paper to make into my origami mandalas.

I’m still trying to get into a rhythm for my days. This traveling is new to me and I’m loving it. I know everything will fall into place eventually. Meanwhile, I’ll keep trying to eek out my art in small periods of time.

Enjoy, Candy

Studio Snapshot – Art On The Go! – Making Boxes

Traveling for two months in a 19′ van has made it a little more difficult form me to make art than I imagined. Welcome to reality. I haven’t quite found my rhythm yet.

One of the boxes in my series for Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty.

We visited family over the holidays and I did manage to appropriate a bit of space on a  counter to set up my supplies to make boxes. These are boxes I’m making to leave for people to find. You can see more about that on my blog post: Gifts of Random Kindness & Senseless Acts of Beauty.

One of the boxes in my series for Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty.

What I have found is that folding is much easier to do while traveling, assuming the paper has already been cut ahead of time. I think that’s because I can fit folding into short blocks of time. Box making, however, takes a bit of preparation.

One of the boxes in my series for Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty.

Before we left on our trip, I cut enough pieces of binders board to make 30 boxes. I also brought lots of paper for collaging the boxes once I made them.  I had hoped to be able to make a box every other day on my trip. We’ll see if I can catch up to my expectations.

One of the boxes in my series for Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty.

While relaxing and visiting with family and friends is important, I find that I feel so much better when I make time to do art each day. So, that is going to be my goal for this next week.

Enjoy, Candy

Art On The Go! – Packing My Art Supplies

I’m excited to be packing our 19′ Roadtrek van for a two month trip. This means packing art supplies to keep me busy for two months in a very small amount of space. It’s required me to do a lot of prep work like cutting boards for making boxes and cutting paper the right size for projects. I even had to come up with an alternative to taking along my book press which is too big for the space I have available.

About 500 papers cut 1″ by 4″ that will be turned into Origami Mandalas.

Trying to pare down my supplies to fit into just a couple of small boxes has been a challenge like no other I’ve experienced. Obviously I can’t pack my entire studio, so it’s made me look carefully at each item I’m taking. I only have half of one overhead compartment for all the supplies I’m taking. It’s required me to make some difficult choices.

Binders board already cut and packaged to make 30 little boxes on my trip.

I am going to try and make 30 little boxes on this trip. I think I packed everything I need. PVA glue; check. Binder’s board already cut; check. Wheat starch; check. Container to mix wheat starch; check. Paper for collage; check. Acrylic medium for sealing; check. Brush to apply said medium; check. Wire; check. Beads and such for lids; check. Wire cutters; check. Alternative to board press; check. I hope I didn’t forget anything that I can’t pick up along the way.

What I’m packing in lieu of my book press to keep my lids flat while they’re drying.

My book press would take up too much space in our little van, so I got some counter laminate and c-clamps to use for pressing my boards. I had holes drilled in a couple of them so I can press two boards together when I make the lids. I’ll post photos later of the process.

I’ll be blogging while we’re traveling, although the posts could be a little irregular if we’re not in an area where the internet is available. Usually I post on Monday and Thursday, and I’ll try to continue with that if I can. No guarantees.

Enjoy, Candy

Josie’s Story – Introducing Art On The Go!

A few years ago Fred purchased a Roadtrek RV with money from an inheritance he received from his mother. He named his new Roadtrek Josephine, in memory of his mother. After a few years of traveling all over the country, Fred decided to sell Josephine and spend time with his new grandchild.

This is Josie on her maiden voyage with us. Larger than our old VW van, but still limited in space for art supplies.

This is Josie on her maiden voyage with us. Larger than our old VW van, but still limited in space for art supplies.

Around Mother’s Day, my partner, Paul, decided to purchase Fred’s Roadtrek with money Paul from an inheritance he received from his mother. We flew to Arizona and Paul bought Josephine, who with Fred’s permission, is now called Josie.

Although the actual sale occurred 4 days after Mother’s Day, we have decided to celebrate every Mother’s Day by taking Josie someplace special in memory of both Fred’s and Paul’s mothers.

Josie is only 19’ long, so she can fit in downtown parking spaces. I confirmed this when I met my sister-in-law and niece for pizza in Redlands, California on my trip back to Oregon from southern Arizona where Paul purchased Josie. Luckily there was diagonal parking in Redlands, so I didn’t have to try my hand at parallel parking. I’m not quite ready for that yet.

Josie is definitely larger than our old 1987 VW camper, but there’s still only so much room available for things like art supplies. I have one cabinet in Josie dedicated to art supplies. Unfortunately, I only get half of that cabinet because Paul seems to think he should get some space for his art supplies too. Since he’s the one who purchased Josie, I’ve decided to relent and give him some of the space.

This past week we spent 3 days learning a few of the intricacies of how use an RV. We feel we’ve barely scratched the surface. We have figured out the basics, like the refrigerator, stove, water and sewer. We’re still struggling with some of the electric. And we made numerous trips home to get things we forgot or didn’t know we needed. Luckily we were smart enough to camp only a few miles from home.

Our first visitor while camping, Sammy the Snake.

Our first visitor while camping, Sammy the Snake.

Now for the art part of this story, which starts with space constraints. It’s really, really hard not to have my entire studio at my fingertips. It means I have to plan ahead before we head out on a trip. I have a spontaneous nature, so this is a bit difficult for me. I figure others may suffer from the same condition, so I’ve decided to add a new category to my blog posts called Art On The Go!

Paul is working on his jewelry in the shade of Josie's awning.

Paul, working on his jewelry in the shade of Josie’s awning.

It is under this new category that I will talk about the art I do while traveling as well as tools and materials I use while traveling. I’ll try new things and tell you what works for me and what doesn’t. I want to encourage others to chime in with suggestions.

Happy Creating, Candy