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Online Class: Paper Illuminated by Helen Hiebert

A number of years ago I took a class from paper artist, Helen Hiebert, just before she moved to Colorado. I learned a lot and enjoyed the class immensely. Helen is a great teacher.

This is the shoji screen we will be making in Helen Hiebert’s Paper Illuminated online class.

I thought I’d like to take another class from Helen. However, Colorado is a bit far for me to travel to take a class.

This is the bendable paper lamp we will be making in Helen Hiebert’s Paper Illuminated online class.

So when I heard Helen was going to do an online class, I jumped at the opportunity to sign up for it. It starts on March 8, and I expect to be back home from my travels by then (thankfully). P.S. There is an early bird discount available if you sign up before February 1.

This is the chochin lampshade we will be making in Helen Hiebert’s Paper Illuminated online class.

I am going to clear my schedule (as much as I can) so I can have time to play with the structures Helen is going to teach. It’s a 5 week class, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find enough time during each week. It’s so easy for me to overbook my time, but this is going to be so worth it.

This is the wraparound lampshade we will be making in Helen Hiebert’s Paper Illuminated online class.

There’s going to be a private Facebook page for those of us who are taking the class. It’s going to be a lot of fun seeing what everyone is doing. We’ll be able to ask questions of Helen too.

These are the five projects we’ll be making in Helen Hiebert’s Paper Illuminated online class.

In addition to the class, I’ve ordered the Supply Kit for the class to make it easier for me to make the projects. If you take the class, you will need a few other materials like a cutting mat, straight pins, a craft knife and such. You can check out the materials need on Helen’s website link below.

Materials in the supply kit for Helen Hiebert’s Paper Illuminated online class.

If you’re interested in taking this class, or want more information on it, see: Helen Hiebert’s Online Class: Paper Illuminated.

Enjoy, Candy

Helen Hiebert’s New Calendar for 2017

Paper artist Helen Hiebert has a Kickstarter campaign going on to fund her new 2017 Calendars. These are not your ordinary calendars, each month includes a paper project along with instructions.

This is the cover of Helen Hiebert's new 2017 Calendar.

This is the cover of Helen Hiebert’s new 2017 Calendar.

The calendar is filled with fun paper projects to enjoy each month. Every page features photo of the completed project, an interesting paper quote, a list of materials and tools you’ll need to complete the project, plus step by step photos and easy-to-follow instructions.

This is December's calendar page.

December 2016 is a bonus calendar page, so there are actually 13 paper projects included in this calendar!

To purchase your own calendar, check out: Helen’s Kickstarter Campaign. I purchased the calendar along with the custom paper pack. Delivery is expected sometime in October. I can hardly wait!

Enjoy, Candy

The Wish Project, by Helen Hiebert

I took an illuminated paper sculptures class from Helen Hiebert in her Portland, Oregon studio a couple of years ago, before she moved to Colorado. It was a wonderful experience, and I’ve been following her progress ever since. She’s an amazing artist.

Helen Hiebert standing under a giant dandelion like sculpture called The Wish

Helen Hiebert standing under a giant dandelion sculpture called The Wish

Helen claims to be an introvert, but her installation work often engages large communities. She loves connecting with people from all walks of life, and says that she learns much from their diverse points of view. She collects data that she disseminates through her artwork. Often, it is invisible. Her projects begin with common themes—like making a wish. Everyone has hopes, dreams, prayers, aspirations…

Helen collected more than 200 wishes from around the world for THE WISH project, her most recent installation, which is, at the time of this blog post, at Anythink Huron Street. I sent her a wish of my own as part of the project, and it was included in the sculpture. With each wish, she received a little something from the giver—a glimpse into their view of the world. As you walk into the room and see THE WISH—a giant dandelion sculpture suspended from the ceiling—and hear the wishes of people from the community of the motion-activated sound track, her wish is that you will take the time to listen and to hear what others are saying. And then she hopes that you will make your own wish too.

(Anythink Huron Street is a 25,000-square-foot library located at the intersection of Conifer and Huron streets in Thornton, Colorado. I really want to get there to see Helen’s latest paper sculpture.)

Enjoy, Candy