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National Handwriting Day

Today, January 23, is National Handwriting Day here in the U.S. January 23 was chosen because it’s John Hancock’s birthday. He was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence.

My favorite fountain pen, Pilot Flex Extra Fine.

National Handwriting Day was established in 1977 by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association. Their aim was to promote sales of more pens, pencils and writing paper.

National Handwriting Day is the perfect time to drop a letter or two in the mail to friends or family.

While National Handwriting Day was established by businesses to sell more materials, I love the idea of writing more by hand and less by computer. And sending out handwritten letters in the mail is something I really love to both send and receive.

Italic Letters: Calligraphy & Handwriting by Inga Dubay and Barbara Getty is my number one recommendation for anyone wanting to learn italic calligraphy or improve their handwriting.

And don’t forget that April (only a little more than 2 months away) is National Letter Writing Month. Again this year, I’ll be sending out a letter a day in a hand lettered and decorated envelope.

Happy handwriting. Candy